Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I go into cell phone stores whenever I feel like I haven't been lied to enough that day.

I tried to buy a phone this week. I learned the specs of a dozen different verizon phones, and can give you a 5 minute rant on why each one of them is a horrible piece of shit designed by people who clearly hate their jobs. If the logical hand position doesn't cover the camera, then the keys are unusably small, or the camera takes overexposed photos, or as I got the tech guy to admit, "if you turn the autosave feature on, the phone will crash, it's a known bug". I went in to the store wanting to buy their most powerful smartphone. I would even have been willing to consider the 30$/month mandatory data plan if it weren't slower than the salesmen were at giving reasonable, true, or helpful answers. Oh, and the availability of wifi everywhere I live my life is no consolation, because Verizon disabled it, so you'd feel the cost of the data plan is more justified.

I went in to the store to buy their most expensive phone, and I ended up buying their cheapest phone online. Something is wrong with this business model. Now, I don't even want the new phone. I'd happily use my current phone for another two years if I could just get back the time I spent researching all of these phones.

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  1. Oh, and the customer service rep assured me that the env2 was out of stock in store and online, that she "just tried to order it yesterday" for her sister. This, despite the fact that it was advertised on Verizon's home page at 19.99, and I now have one on its way to me in the mail.